Terms and Conditions of The Assignments Help

We recommend our dear students to please read these terms and conditions before using our academic services and placing your order. These terms and conditions are to serve our visitors and clients in the best possible way. This is to provide you with maximum advantages.

Copyright Notice

  • At The Assignments Help every content is protected by copyright law. Therefore, we do not give a right to outsiders to copy our material for any commercial use.
  • We have not permitted anyone to modify and misuse content from this site.
  • All rights as mentioned in the privacy policy section is provided by copyright law are reserved by The Assignments Help.
  • All rights are holds by The Assignments Help. Any reproduction for marketing, promotion, or re-selling is prohibited strictly under the copyright law reserved by The Assignments Help.

Usage Limitations

  • A student should be 10-year-old at least to utilize our academic services. For those students who are less than ten can get advantages of our services only by involving their legal guardian or parents.
  • The clients have no right to make their material accessible to the second person. No other person can receive your services until and unless we have mutually agreed on that.
  • Our clients have limited authority to use our academic services for non-commercial and personal purposes. The clients may modify copy, distribute, download, display, transmit, perform, publish, duplicate, offer for sale, and reproduce any information attained from The Assignments Help but with written permission.
  • When you register or utilize The Assignments Help academic services. You declare that you will not use the information provided by tutors for anything other than educational purposes, and can not share this information with someone other than the original student.
  • Any desecration of these terms and conditions will terminate the license provided by The Assignments Help.

Delivery Agreements

  • We make sure that your assignments will be submitted to you on time. If we failed to deliver an assignment for any reason. The customer has a right to make use of refund privilege for failed service delivery.
  • In case any incorrect detail or email address becomes the cause of delayed delivery The Assignments Help. We will not take responsibility for unnecessary delay.
  • If the client failed to respect our policy, terms, and conditions. The right to claim a refund will not be provided to the client.


The Assignments Help reserve a right to charge subscription or membership fees for service utilization.

Privacy Policy

Refer to our Privacy policy section to know more.


The Assignment Help has a right to make changes with terms and conditions without notifying you. The new amendments would supersede older ones. It means that the latest agreements between clients and The Assignments Help will be replaced by all the previous agreements.


Those who subscribe or register our services the client will receive a subscription email regarding the promotional offer or any service updates of The Assignments Help.


Any un-enforcement implementation on terms and conditions will not affect validity terms and conditions.