Study Abroad Consultancy

These days students are mostly concerned about studying abroad, and for that, there are several processes that students initially encounter to avail of work visas after the completion of their post-graduation / graduation courses from foreign universities. That is fine because students are facing many difficulties to consultants who can direct and guide them to pursue the opportunity to upright their standard of education.

The Assignments Help has stepped up the easy route to the students by supporting them with all the comforts from admission, traveling, to accommodation. In the foreign countries for initially living it requires a full-time job to reach the comfort level in terms of the exemption, and security our university selection consultants make sure you follow all the legal and obligatory procedures safely while not being a burden or problem to the authorities of the particular country’s state.

After the completion of the Bachelor’s or Master’s degree courses, there are various ways to apply for work visas. The Assignments Help has consultants from different highly renowned universities of the world to assist the students for University Selection Consultancy. Our academic experts are offering you a place to enter into foreign universities while being an international student in a course. While there are some academi9c requirements that every student has to meet before you admit to studying abroad.

Students begin with a productive approach by choosing a general main field of areas such as Business, Engineering, Nursing, Education, Physics, Chemistry, Genetics, Graphic designing and many more. These fields are vast, and have growing scopes opportunities on which, you will be guided by our university selection consultant.

Study Abroad Consultant

There are also few options available to those who had completed a qualification where the primary language was English.

All you have to do is to contact us, and our university selection consultants will assist you in the best possible way towards your achievements to academic
goals. As English proficiency is necessary as your evidence that you have achieved a level of English language proficiency by the following courses:

  • Pearson Test of English (PTE)
  • University of Cambridge – Advanced (CAE)

These tests must be taken no more than two years before commencing your course in the following.


2 Years Programme


2-4 Years Programme


6 months – 2 years


2 years or more Programme


1-6 years Programme

Go grab this amazing opportunity from our study abroad, consultants, at The Assignments Help