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Vancouver Style Referencing


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This approach is used to display the readers that the student has performed comprehensive and adequate research and learning of the literature. Referencing is a recognition that students have to mention their assignments to express the concepts and written material belonging to other writers.

Every referencing style comprise of two parts, in-text citation, and reference list.

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In-Text Citation

When you are using the work of some other person in your work, whether you are referring to their ideas or by a direct quote. The citation refers to an acknowledgment of that external piece of work in your text.

Citation Through Vancouver Style

Every piece of writing cited in the text has a unique serial number, specified in the citation order.  If you have mentioned a work more than once in your document, you must have the same citation number.  The number will be written in brackets.

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Referencing holds substantial meaning in your assignments and is perceived as a critical part of academic researches. The experts at The Assignments Help embrace this fact that reference and useful citation of sources play a vital role in a student’s life. The use of the Vancouver referencing style in academic papers requires strict regulations and guidelines endorsed by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors.

The Vancouver citation style, which is frequently used in the medical and science field, has slight differences relative to others.

In-Text Citation In Vancouver Style Referencing

These are the guidelines and rules that should be followed while using the template of the Vancouver referencing style.

  1. The citation number follows the source that has been referenced.
  2. Do not use it at the end of the text, since you mentioned the reference list there.
  3. In case you have used the quotation directly, you have to mention the page number also.
  4. Try to add the quotations that are no bigger than 40 words in a short sentence.

Structural Samples Of Vancouver Style

» Format

Author’s Surname, Initial. Title. Edition. Published Place: Publisher; Year of Publishing. P. Page Number. (Series Title; Volume)

For 1-6 authors – Jones D, Walker F. Home Medication Concept: The Fundamentals of Adept Medicinal Practice. Inkhouse Publications; 2002

» Editorial works (for chapter)

Smith A. Au: Walker F, Jones D, editors. Home Medication Concept: The Fundamentals of Adept Medicinal Practice. Brisbane: Inkhouse Publications; 2002. p. 155-68.

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