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MLA Referencing Style


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The MLA or Modern Language Association Style unique way to cite sources like literature, liberal arts, language, and other subject areas related to humanities. This format provides a system of cross-references for the readers to pinpoint a source’s publication information.

Crucial Facts About MLA Referencing Style And In-Text Citations

Let’s have a look at MLA referencing style structures:

» Citation Of A Blog Post In MLA 8

The following format should be implemented:

Author’s Surname, First Name. “Post Title” Name of Blog, Publisher (This information is included the name of the blog site is different), Blog Post Date of Publication, Post Link (Neglect http:// OR https://)


Johnson, Paul. “10 tips to be an expert on online dating”. Stellar posts, 17 April 2016, www.sitename.com/

» Citation of an EBook

Following template should be used for citing an e-book MLA referencing style:

Author’s Surname, First Name. Title of the Book. City Where Published: Publisher, Publication Year. Series. Medium.


Mitchell, John. Vampire. Mineola: Penguin Publications, 2010. Kindle Edition. Berger, John. The Development of cells: Dover Publications, 2000. EPUB.

If one can identify the conferred e-book type (such as EPUB, Kindle), clearly state it instead of “e-book.”

Restrain from the use of device-specific numbers.

» Citation Of A Newspaper

To cite a newspaper in MLA referencing style:

Writer’s Surname, First Name. “Title of an Article.” Title of Newspaper [City] Date Month Year of Publication: Page(s). Print.


Jonathan, Mike. “Drinks that promise energy, but Experts say there is no proof.” The New York Times 14 January 2016: 1. Print.

» Citation Of A Newspaper Online

Writer’s Last Name, First Name. “Title of Article.” Title of Newspaper Date Month Year of Publication: Page (s).Title of Website. Web. Date Month Year it was Accessed.

Huber, Martha. “A desperate call to action.” New York Post N.p., 14 April. 2018. Web. 1 Jan.2019.

» Citation Of A Book

Book in MLA referencing style:

Author’s Last Name, First Name. Book Title. City Were Published, Publisher, Date of Publication.

» Citation Of A Book With One Author

Mitchell, Susan. Anguish. Penguin, 1988.

» Citation Of A Book Written By More Than One Author

If you came across multiple book authors just write them straightway with the same pattern in which they’re displayed in the book.


Mitchell, Nelson, Liv Smith. A guide to media and publications. Dover and Bacon, 2010.

» Citation Of Two Or More Books Written By The Same Author

List the work by title alphabetically. Ignore “a, an, and the” articles Use three hyphens and a period for every single entry by the same author.


Jonathan, Mayer P. Young and New Empire. St. George’s, 1998.

» Citation Of An Online Journal

Follow this given template to cite an online journal in MLA referencing style.

Author’s Surname, First Name. “Title of Article.” Title of a Journal Series Volume. Issue (Publication Year): Pages. Name of Database. Web. Date Month Year Retrieved.


Jonathan, Lisa. “Vimeo, ‘Alcohol abuse Videos’ and drugs guide.” Drugs: Principles, policy, abuse, prevention 18.3 (2018): 110-115. Curriculum Search complete. Web. 4 April. 2018.

» Citation Of A Magazine

Follow the structure below for citing a magazine in print in MLA referencing style of referencing:

Author’s Last Name, First Name. “Title of an Article.” Title of a Magazine. Date Month Year of Publication: Page(s). Print.


Rothbart, Lisa. “How I survived an Unfortunate Mishap.” Terrible Accidents Sept. 2010: 109-12. Print.

» Citation Of A Magazine Online

Magazine in MLA referencing style:

Author’s Last name, First Name. “Title of Article.” Magazine Title. Date Month Year Published. Name of Database Web. Accessed Date Month Year.


Nasar, John. “Supreme Manifestation.” The New Yorker. 9 January 2012. Web. 14 April 2015.

» Citation Of A Dissertation

A dissertation is an independent work written under institutional auspices. Conduct the following steps to cite a dissertation in MLA:

Author’s name, dissertation title, publication date, institution name, work description (optional), URL, and database if retrieved from a database/repository.


Author’s Last name, First Name. Title. Diss. Name of University, Year of Publication. Web. Date of retrieving.

Basic Format

Mayer, Mike. An opera of the rivals. 2011. Northwestern U, PhD dissertation.

If attained from an online source

Mayer, Mike. An opera of the rivals. 2011. Northwestern U, PhD.

» Citation Of A Book Chapter In Print

Author’s Surname, First name. “Title of Section.” Book/ Anthology. Ed. First name. Last name. City: Publisher, Publication Year. Page(s). Print.


Haydon, Liz: “A trip to The Haunted House.” A Book of Haunted Stories. New York: Appleton, 1987. 15-30. Print.

» Citation Of A Book Chapter Online

Author’s Last Name, First Name. “Title of Section.” Anthology/Book. Ed. First Name. Last Name. City: Publisher, Year Published. Pages. Title of Website. Web. Retrieved Date Month Year.


Haydon, Liz: “A trip to The Haunted House.” A Book of Haunted Stories. New York: Appleton, 1987. Google books. Web. 17 April 2016.

» Citation Of A Government Document In Print

Surname, First Name (or) Government Department. Document Title. Location: Publisher, Year of Publication. Print.


Fitzgerald, Gabrielle. Late Night Patrolling Incidents Context in Canadian cities. Ottawa: Statistics Europe, 2012. Print.

If the author is identified, include it in the citation, or else, continue with the national government name, after the name of the agency that serves as the organizational author (including agencies/subdivisions).

» Citation Of A Government Document In Electronic Version

Author’s Last Name, First name (or) Departments of Government. Document Title. City: Publisher, Published Year. Library Database (if existing).Web. Date retrieved.


Europe. Environment Europe. Transportation facilities. Average emission performance of 2010 model year heavy duty-vehicles. Ottawa: Environment, Europe. Web. 17 February. 2017.

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