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Literature Review Writing Help


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The Assignments Help, we provide you with literature review help. Regardless of any level of education, either school, college, university dissertation, or PhD. Besides, our experts make sure that it is edit and proofread to excellence.

What Exactly Is The Literature Review Writing?

The literature review is done on a subject area of the research writings or other sources. Moreover, It addresses the research gap in the literature. The sources may be an academic journal, articles, textbooks, government studies, blogs, etc.

With the research work of postgraduate, the literature review, partly, can be seen as a project itself. It is research with the scope of the wider academic world in the field. Therefore, it is dear to show your skills, study, critical thinking, reasoning, arguments, and synthesis, etc. The literature review writing presents a summary and a description of each source. It is a different part of a thesis/dissertation for graduates.

This task and recording of the literature review will help to clarify your research. It also sets a system within which the results may be studied. Your literature review writing should make it evident to the reader that you have up-to-date knowledge about the matter. Further, it tells that the research point or questions you make are valid.

The Need For The Literature Review Writing

The literature review gives a full explanation of a particular area of research:

  • It identifies previous research areas.
  • It takes in each source to address the problem, research area, or theory under study.
  • Explains the relation between every selected source with others.
  • Shows the way forward for further investigations.
  • Show new ways of understanding and highlighting any lacks in past researches.

When To Do The Literature Review?

The literature review carries out once for small project writings. Perhaps before the writing. For projects like that of the Master’s degree and PhD dissertation, the literature review is lengthy.

The need for literature review is on at three stages:

  • Firstly, it set the background and reasoning for your study. It authorizes the research focus and questions.
  • You always need to keep a check to ensure that your study is relevant to the fieldwork. The work that publishes during the research period.
  • You need to compare your observations with other’s results. Besides, it would be best if you also describe their effect on theory and research. That might require more literature reviews.  It may be with a bit different emphasis from your initial study.

» Literature Review

The literature review writing includes the following:

  • An explanation of the topic.
  • Accurate classification of sources to support your points.
  • Covers similar views and opposing claims.
  • Discussing the different characteristics in addition to similarities of each source with others.

» Steps Included In Literature Reviewing

We may divide the literature review practice into the following four steps:

  • Outline the topic of your analysis and its scope.
  • Search the catalogue of libraries, subject-specific resources, and other search engines to seek out the sources relevant to the topic.
  • Analyze the sources and evaluate their adequacy for understanding the subject quickly.
  • Explore, summarized, and address the observations and conclusions of the sources.

» Defining The Sources

While defining each source, one should study the following things:

  • What skill does the author have in this specific field of study?
  • Is practical evidence that the author’s claims support (e.g., analytical/numerical studies)?
  • Is the focus of the author’s viewpoint in one direction? Or is the different studies and perspectives are also taken into thought?
  • Whether the chosen source leads to a deeper understanding of the subject matter, or not?

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Let’s see how our writers will prepare a logical literature review writing report for you.

  • Firstly, our experts will structure your literature review writing report deeply and not descriptively.
  • They logically consider elements of your topic.
  • Further, the experts consider the political, practical, methodological, geographical, and literary background in their reviews.
  • They leave no process for applying new ideas.
  • They include the narrative threat. That is to tell why adding logical, informative, convincing, and ideal data.
  • These threads are to reach a conclusion and show that the research is valid.
  • Besides, our experts include tables. That is to compare possible theoretical views, methods, sets of theories, and reasoning.

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