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What mistakes did the students make while writing an essay? 

Improper Introduction: 

The introductory paragraph of your essay should introduce the main concepts and explain the purpose of your paper. The introductory paragraph helps the reader decide whether to read or skip the essay. Make your essay interesting by writing a clear and engaging paper. At the end of the introduction, add the thesis statement. This allows for a consistent flow of information between the introductory paragraph and the body of the essay.

Bad Grammar:

Grammar is an important aspect of academic essay writing. Without proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation, your essay will look boring and vague. Therefore, students must proofread their essays several times before submitting them.

Repetition of sentences: 

To match the essay word count, students often repeat the same ideas and arguments in different parts of the essay. This indicates that you haven’t researched enough on the topic and are out of ideas to explain your point of view. Some students have a habit of repeating words and phrases. This can lead to loose essays and the inability to write a well-structured essay and lose points.

Usage of Passive Voice: 

Many students use the passive voice in their essays.

The passive voice is easy to explain and doesn’t get to the point. This can make sentences incredibly long and confuse the reader. Use more direct and powerful active sentences instead of passive ones.

No authentic thoughts: 

Presenting facts in your essay without proper explanation can make it difficult for people to interpret your main point. Be consistent when presenting and analyzing facts. This helps readers understand the information presented. Additionally, providing your perspective on existing information makes your essay unique and interesting.


Plagiarism is the biggest essay writing mistake that can damage your work reputation. Universities follow strict procedures for plagiarism and impose penalties based on the severity of the plagiarism. If you include other people’s work, be sure to include appropriate citations and references.

Repeat the conclusion: 

You risk losing points for repeating your introduction in the concluding paragraph. Use the conclusion paragraph to briefly describe your observations. You can also restate your thesis statement so that the reader can compare your findings. A firm conclusion can include new questions, additional implications, or compelling information that leaves the reader with new ideas.

The factors listed below are the steps that students needed before writing an essay 

Acknowledge the Assignment

Do not assume that instructions are misleading or underestimate them. Misunderstandings are expensive. You can’t get good grades if you don’t answer the right questions in the first place. When you are given an essay assignment, take a few minutes to read and digest what my professor is looking for.

Research the Topic:

Now that we’ve cleared the clutter, it’s time to get down to the actual pre-creation work. Research allows you to delve deeper into topics beyond what is covered in class. That’s why it’s usually the most fun part of the whole writing process.

Make a Strong Thesis: 

Your thesis is the main part of your essay. It is essentially a sentence that says what the essay is about. Remember that all the different points must come back to this one main thesis. As a general rule, the thesis should be written in the opening paragraph.

Structuring the Assignment: 

When you have made a strong thesis and careful research to back them up – the next step is to put them all together. A convincing essay can offer coherence and consistency on all pages. Think about how to organize them, as you want them to read your arguments as they unfold organically. For timelines, structuring your points in chronology makes them easier to read. Breaking paragraphs down into topic sentences is another way to signal transitions between ideas before introducing new supporting evidence into the sentence.

Proofreading the Assignment:

 While it may be tempting to submit your essay without looking back, taking the time to proofread and edit your writing is an important step in the overall writing process. Don’t edit drafts right away. Leave it alone for a day or two if you have the time. You’ll notice more subtle mistakes with fresh eyes, and don’t let stylistic mistakes slow you down.

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