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Chicago Style Referencing


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The Chicago Manual of Style is a formatting rule for American English, also identified as CMOS / CMS. The citation format in Chicago is being used to cite resources in fields such as natural science, social science, and humanities.

Structuring References In Chicago Style

These two main documentation systems are presented by the Chicago Manual of Style. It encompasses the humanities style (bibliography and notes) and system of author-date. Picking between these two depends largely on the quality of the cited resources and the matter of subject.

» Citation Of A Book

The following template must be used while referencing in Chicago style of a book like the eminent Chicago style websites, you can follow the format:

Last, First Name. Book. City: Publisher, Year of Publication.


Richardson, John. The Magnificent, Rome: Serenity Publishers, 2011

» Citation Of A Book Chapter

The following structure should be used while referencing the Chicago style of a book chapter.

Last, First Name. “Title of Section.” In Anthology /Book, edited by First M. Last, Page(s). Edition ed. City: Publisher, Year Published.


Richardson, John. “A Trip to the Haunted House.” In A Heap of Earth Ruins, 10-22. Chicago: Wisconsin, 1941.

» Citation Of An Edited Book

The structure that should be followed while citing an edited book in Chicago Reference Style is:

Author’s Surname, Author First Name, ed. Title. City: Publisher, Year of Publication.


Mayer, Susan, ed. Drama and Ritual. 1st ed. New York: Routledge, 1987.

» Citation Of An E-Book

For citing an e-book in Chicago style referencing, follow the format given below:

Last Name, First Name. Book. City: Publisher, Published Year.


Yang, Christina. Modern Medicine. Italy: Serenity Publishers, 1945.

» Citation Of A Website

To cite a website according to Chicago style referencing:

Last, First Name. “Title of an Article.” Website Title. Month Date, Publication Year/ Updated Month Date, Year OR Accessed Month Date, Year of access. URL.


Richardson, Harry. “Heck, Yes! The First Free Message Plan is Here.” Gizmodo. November 20,1886.http://gizmodo.com/heck-yes-the-first-free-message-plan-is-finally-here-2065423337

» Citation Of A Blog

Guidelines given below must be followed for citation of a blog in Chicago style referencing:

Last Name, First Name. “Title of a Blog Post.” Name of Website (blog). Date posted. Accessed Month day, year. http://www.url.com


Mark Henery ” Lamarck vs. darwin theory of evolution, “Lamarck vs. darwin theory of evolution, May 18, available at https://myblog.com/blog/lamarck-vs-darwin-theory-of-evolution/.

» Citation Of A Court Case

The template that should be followed if you are citing a court case in Chicago style referencing.

Title, Title of Document / Number of the Pages used (Location Year of Publication).


CHAMBERLAIN v. THE KING (No.3) (1986), 1789564 Criminal Law- Evidence- Supreme Court (Australia Supreme Court 1986)

» Citation Of A Newspaper

To cite a newspaper in the Chicago style referencing, follow the proper format given below:

The template used in the citation of newspaper in Chicago style referencing is:

Last, First Name. “Title of Article.” Newspaper Title, Month Date, Year of publication.


Chang, Lee. “In the Ocean of Mississippi.” The Pittsburgh Press, March 10, 1992.

» Citation Conference Proceedings

The given structure should be used while citing conference proceedings in Chicago style referencing:

Surname of Author, Author First name. ‘Title.’ In Publication Title, Pages Used. City: Publisher, Year of Publication. URL.


Cheung, Christina. In ASMBR Quarterly Meeting, 2010.

» Citation Of A Government Publication

It is important to note that there can be 2 kinds of referencing to cite a government publication in the Chicago style referencing. Bibliography and Full note. See the guideline below to understand.

Structure Of Full Note

Government Division/Body Name, Title of Publication, (Publication Place: Publisher, Year), URL


U.S Department of State, International Relations of the United States: Diplomatic Papers, 1942(Washington, DC:GPO,1970),452.http://digital.librarcy.wisc.edu/1511.dl/FRUS.FRUS184v02

Structure Of Bibliography

Government Body/Division Name. Title of Publication. Place of Publication: Publisher, Year.URL

Example: U.S. Department of State. International Relations of the United States: Diplomatic Papers,1970.Washington,DC:GPO,1995.http://digital.librarcy.wisc.edu/1511.dl/FRUS.FRUS184v02

Citation Of A Magazine

The template given below should be used to cite a magazine in the Chicago style referencing.

Last Name, First name. “Title of an Article.” Title of Magazine, Month Date, Publication Years.

Example: Yang, Christina. “In the eerie ruins of the Earth.” The American Press, March 3, 1942.

» Citation Of An Online Journal / E-Journal

The following format is used to cite an online journal/ e-journal in Chicago style referencing.

Last, First Name. “Title of an Article.” Title of Journal volume number, issue number (Publication Year). Page-page. Doi: XXXX OR URL.


Yang, Christina-Fen Grace, Richard S.Hoffman, and Susan Mayer. “Is Facebook ruining the new generation? A case study of the increased Facebook Use. TechTrends 64, no.3 (2013). 29-42.

» Citation Of A Dissertation

For the citation of the dissertation, the following steps have to be executed.

Last Name, First Name (Publication Date). “Title” master’s thesis or PhD diss., University, Year Published, Database (Identification Number).


Kimberly Ashton, “Internet Epidemics: Viral Structures in Internet Media.” PhD diss. University of New York, 2008, MLA International Bibliography (8876534)

» Citation Of An Introduction To A Book

For citing an introduction to a book, one should cite an “introduction to” before the book title. If a different author writes the foreword/ introduction, you should first place the name of the author, and then cite the name of the main author after the title of the book, after the word “by.” The details then come after the publishing place author, publishing year, and the page number.


In the bibliography: Frederic G. Reamer, foreword to Social Justice and Social Work, edited by Michael J. Austin (Los Angeles: Sage, 2014), xiv.

In-Text Citation

Reamer, foreword to Social Justice, xiv.

» Citation Of A Conference Presentation

Following a template is to be used to cite conference presentations in Chicago reference style.

Author’s Name, Title (in inverted commas), Conference Details (in brackets), URL


Aurelia Armstrong, “Foucault and the Question of Autonomy” (paper presented at the Australian Society for Continental Philosophy Conference, The University of Queensland, St Lucia, November 20, 2003), https://espace.library.uq.edu.au/view/UQ:204758

» Citation Of An Article

The citation of an article journal follows typically the template given:

Name of Author (surname first, preceded by the first name). “Title of an Article.” Name of Journal Volume Number (Publication Year): Page Numbers


Smith, John. “Studies in pop rocks and Coke.” Weird Science 12 (2009): 78-93.

» Citation Of A Report

For citing a report in Chicago referencing style, you must follow the template below:

Author’s Surname, First Name of Author. Title. Series Number. City: Publisher, Published Year.URL.


Gorbunova, Yulia. Laws of Attrition: Crackdown on Russia’s Civil Society After Putin’s Return to the Presidency. NewYork: Human Rights Watch, 2012. Accessed February 11, 2013. http://www.hrw.org/reports/2013/04/laws-attrition.

For in-text citation mention the citation after reference/ quote in the text by using the format:

The surname of the Author, Title.

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