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What Is The Capstone Project?

capstone project is a large research project of undergraduate degree programs. It is a final assignment. Moreover, students also do capstone projects at the postgraduate level, mainly in the MBA

More or less, the capstone assignments include researches. In this project, students write a proposal in their learning fields. They have to generate original material of higher quality. It is similar to a college thesis in some aspects.

The capstone assignments can involve a wide variety of types. Still, most of them are in-depth research projects that result in a final presentation or product. The projects may be interdisciplinary in most times, in a way that they enable students to explore problems across areas of subject or knowledge domains.

What Capstone Project Likely To Do?

The capstone projects aim to encourage students to relate their projects with community concerns and problems. Most importantly, it gives opportunities to learn outside of school. It includes surveys, scientific experiments, work experience, and observations.

A student may ask to choose a topic, a profession, or a compelling social issue. They undertake researches on the subject, develop a portfolio out of observations, and conclude. The students generate an end product that illustrates their learning experience, or judgments (for instance, a report, short film or digital presentation, etc.).

The students can present views on topics orally to a panel of professors, scholars, and members of the community. Then they mutually evaluate their performance. It is somewhat similar to the thesis assigned in universities. The only difference is that it can lead to several different ways.

What Capstone Assignments Encompasses?

Whatever the subject is, the potential capstone assignments require adding of theories, and not just a proposition. You may be required to submit a proposal to your consultant, or an advisory board. This proposal should be around forty pages or more. It will give an initial overview.

Then current hypotheses will be defined with your theory. The report will present an overview of the literature you conclude. The research analysis of the proposal and explain your research methods. It will also contain other ideas in case the one you the first idea is not approved.

Once they accept your proposal, you will start studying the subject. That may involve merely reviewing the literature on the topic, and giving the conclusions. It may also include an individual’s research and study.

The capstone assignments are energy-consuming and time-consuming as well. These are generally courses in the educational catalogue to which you earn credits. That lasts about one semester to a year.

Classical Structure For Capstone Project

There is no unique structure that you need to follow while making a capstone project. However, there are a couple of tips that can support you, though. No matter how you build your project, there are three essential parts to it: Introductory part, main body, and summary.

An introduction part makes a coherent picture of the topic of your writing. It makes the readers aware of your theme and provides a clear picture of what you plan to illustrate.

The main body explains your observations and details of your research study. Expert’s opinions, quotations, facts, and other proofs may contain in this section. It supports your thesis, as set out in the introduction.

The final part of the project is the conclusion. Here the writer notifies the reader of the objectives set out in the introductory section. It summarizes all the details collected in the course of the study. That is to generate a logical conclusion and address critical questions.

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