Social Science: Definition

Science is the word originated from the Latin language word ‘Scientia’ means knowledge. It is a systematic application of evidence-based knowledge whose accuracy can be verified for.

Social science is a subject related to society and the entities that constitute society.

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Social Science: Braches

The core subjects covered in social science assignments are as follows:


History relates to the background of the human past. This branch covers a range of things myths, people, places and memories, etc. History has also expanded into several sub-fields specifically covered by our social science assignment material.

Military history

This is related to military operations and wars.

Political history

This is related to revolution and changes in policy.

Social history

This field covers a broad aspect of society and its connection with people.

Economic history

This area is related to the changes in the production process are related to political history.

History of ideas

It concerns with prevailing processes of thought that determines our psyche at a collective level. Sources and its varsity are of supreme importance for the social sciences assignment help. It can be of several types either epigraphs, historical documents from the past, coins, sculptures or even oral interviews can be considered as sources.

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The economic discipline is concerned with wealth production, distribution, and consumption. Its sub-fields are as follows:


The center of study in microeconomics is an individual or the entire household. Macro-economic has main research areas that are supply and demand, pricing strategies, monopoly, pricing, game theory, production, etc.


Macroeconomics addresses the economy and the factors that contribute to the economic shift on a big scale. The inflation rate, unemployment, economic development, taxation policy, currency, global trade, and investments are some of the important areas of macroeconomics.

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Political Science

Political science encompasses governmental theories and activities, political practices, and behavior. Its sub-disciplines are:

Political theory

The political theory explores political terms such as liberty, justice, rights, democracy, law, freedom, etc.

Comparative politics

Comparative politics is all about comparing different models of government like capitalist, democratic, military, socialist, etc.

International relations

International relations observes relationships of various nations.

Public law and administration

Public law and administration study different legal bodies that constitute a state’s administrative system.

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Sociology involves analyzing social institutions, the cultural and social behavior of residents of society. Anthropology studies about the people of other societies, sociology studies about the individuals of its society. Sociology is mainly concerned about matrimonial customs, leisure habits, dietary habits, religious norms, and values, etc. Students pursuing sociology conduct various interviews and then come up with general hypotheses about the society using these observations as stated by our social science assignment help experts.


Anthropos stands for humans. Anthropology relates to the study of humans in societies unknown to us. This interdisciplinary field contributes to the methodologies related to social sciences, bio-sciences, and humanities. Following are few anthropology fields social science assignment help material is concerned about.

  • Social anthropology
  • Biological anthropology
  • Cultural anthropology
  • Anthropological linguistics


Philosophy relates to the study of basic issues that affect people in society. It responds to fundamental questions about God, reality, life, falsehood, bad, and good. Our social science assignment help experts addressed the five branches of philosophy.


It defines the philosophy of the system of knowledge.


It is a study of philosophical reasoning theories.


It is the analysis of the basic elements of human nature.


It makes a distinction between the rights and the wrongs.


This is the study of nature and ideas of beauty.

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Archeology studies remote human past, when history was not been documented and recorded. The periods like old and new Stone Age, agricultural age, copper-bronze age, etc.

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Linguistics is a study of various languages. It focuses on three areas. Type of languages, the meaning of the languages, and contextual languages.

Major sub-fields as described in our social science assignment help material are:

  • Phonetics
  • Phonology
  • Semantics and, etc.

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