Humanities is a broad field of study about human society, civilization, history, and its connection with various languages, literature, fine arts, social sciences, philosophy, and religion. It is recognized as ‘ Science of the Culture ‘ that has its origins back in the ancient Greek period. It has been known today among one of the main branches featuring comprehensive researches, discoveries, and analysis.

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Humanities: Fields

The most significant fields of Humanities are:


Linguistics is a study of languages and their modification, growth, and usage in various regions and countries. It examines the key characteristics associated with each language and strives to discover or restore extinct languages that are unidentified.

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Literature is the study that involves researching and exploring every written work of major literary value. Be it a drama, prose, novel, or poetry. It implies studying and analyzing all of these documents.

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Philosophy is progressed at the beginning of the 19th century. It studies every detail and features related to human behavior and human life. It interacts with everything from logic to nature, and from imagination to aesthetics. This branch is unique as it studies the basic principles of handling different issues related to human life.

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Various kinds of religions have evolved and flourished globally over the years. This area of humanities studies and examines the various elements and etymological roots of these religions.

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Law indicates and examines a legal system and it’s related to different complex political, social, and ethical values related to it. This area covers a broad sphere from international relations in-between the countries to a minor dispute between two individuals.

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Visual Arts

Visual arts is a means of expressing the ideas by using stance, speech, body, figure, image, craft, or painting to get attention and appreciation. This artwork is a huge department involving plays, music, theater, movie, dance, and serials all are a part of performing visual arts, although drawing, photography, carvings, sculptures, paintings are visual arts.

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Social sciences

Social sciences contribute to the areas that study about different important features of human life. Such as economics, anthropology, history, sociology, geography, and political science.

Social Sciences underlines a systematic approach for examining and researching the significant areas of these subjects by applying different complex theoretical and practical methodologies and techniques.

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