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The following areas of Economics are covered by our economics assignment help

In a simple terms, economics focuses on how to allocate limited resources to meet people’s needs and wants. Economics is the study of available resources and their relationship to their production and consumption. It is a complicated field and not a piece of cake for the vast majority of students. Furthermore, the subject’s further division into microeconomics and macroeconomics adds to the confusion. A microeconomic study concentrate on a smaller number of observations, whereas macroeconomic studies cover the entire economy.

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Microeconomics is the social science that investigates the consequences of incentives and decisions, particularly how they affect resource utilization and distribution. Microeconomics explains how and why different goods have different values, how people and businesses conduct and profit from efficient production and exchange, and how people can work together and coordinate their efforts to the greatest extent possible. Typically, microeconomics offers a more thorough and in-depth understanding than macroeconomics.


Macroeconomics is one of the main branch of economics concerned with the overall structure, performance, behavior, and decision-making of the economy. Macroeconomics studies economic phenomena such as inflation, price levels, economic growth rate, national income, GDP, and variations in unemployment. Microeconomics, as compared to macroeconomics, is more concerned with the influences on and decisions made by individual actors in the economy (people, companies, industries, etc.).

Managerial Economics 

Managerial economics is the area of economics concerned with using various economic concepts, theories, and methodologies to address real-world issues in business management. It is also defined as the integration of economic theories and business practices to facilitate decision-making. Managerial economics is also said to bridge the gap between logic and policy problems. It is used to discover a rational solution to problems that businesses face.


Econometrics is the application of statistical and mathematical models to economic theory development and testing, as well as forecasting future trends based on historical data. It performs statistical tests on actual data before comparing the outcomes to the hypothesis under investigation. Econometrics can be divided into two main groups: theoretical and applied, depending on whether you are looking to test an existing theory or in employing existing data to create a new hypothesis.

Development Economics

Development economics is a sub-discipline of economics whose goal is to improve developing countries’ fiscal, economic, and social conditions. Health, education, working conditions, and market conditions are all topics of interest in development economics. To help poor countries escape poverty, development economics aims to comprehend and shape macro- and microeconomic policies.

Health Economics

Health Economics is an applied field of study that enables a methodical and thorough analysis of the challenges associated with promoting public healthcare. Health economics seeks to comprehend how people, healthcare professionals, public and private organizations, and governments behave when making decisions by applying economic theories of consumer, producer, and social choice. Through the analysis of healthcare providers, hospitals, clinics, managed care, and public health promotion initiatives, health economics is used to encourage healthy lifestyles and successful health outcomes.

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