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Students usually seek criminology assignment help because it is a systematic method of learning different criminology laws. Multiple criminology philosophers put their opinions over this field making it more deep and complex to deal with. Students find it difficult to assemble all their viewpoints to present an attractive assignment that is when they require help from a writer who has extensive knowledge in this field specially and The Assignments Help is their criminology assignment help destination.

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Theory Of Crime

Criminology assignment help services will enlighten the theories associated with areas of crime:

As stated by the Blackstone, an action committed by an individual that appears to violate federal laws is a crime. (BEIRNE, 2013).It was further edited by Stephen who stated that crime is a breach of rights as an evil intention towards the community in general. Sutherland portrayed the crime as a symbol of the dysfunctionality of the society. According to Halsbury crime is an illegal act causing public disorder and should be prosecuted legally (Mansley, 2014). Keeton said that crime is an unwelcome action which the state can rectify easily by prosecuting the defendant or by other punishment at the party’s consent. (Keeton, 2015).

  • Conspicuously crime is divided into three types. Incomplete crime, Predatory crime, and bias crime.
  • Predatory crime is noticeable to the degree that society collectively reacts to the perpetrator’s abuse. Robbery, extortion, dacoities and abduction and few examples.
  • Incomplete crimes are undertaken to accomplish actual criminal conspiracies, like abetments, attempting grievous harms.
  • A bias crime is a practice in which the offenders are an entire community. Such crimes are focused primarily on race, nationality, color, gender, religion and other values. Bias crimes are generally committed against defenseless or minority groups.
  • Besides, some other crimes are not directly related to the victim. Such are victimless crimes. Citizens are not directly affected by this, such acts are deemed illegal because they against society’s interests either morally or economically.

The English Law divided crimes into two types i.e. Felonies and Misdemeanors (Stephen, 2014).

  • Felonies crimes are the most dangerous ones that are prosecuted with either life imprisonment or the death penalty.
  • Misdemeanors crimes are the minor crimes that are persecuted with imprisonment for a short time, or penalties or even both.

Further, three more classes are added to them

  • Property crime
  • Crime against an individual
  • Crime against the Government
  • USA classified crimes under the administration of 29 heads.

Defining Criminology

The concept criminology is a combination of two terms i.e.  Crimen (Latin) and Logia (Greek). Linguistically criminology refers to the scientific analysis of the scope, existence, degree, causes, and influence of social crime.

Donald Taft stated that Criminology is the statistical analysis and evaluation of perpetrators and their crimes. Penology can be reviewed as of the offender’s persecution process. He considers the concept of Penology as an earlier practice than the approach of Criminology (Zainoddin, 2015).

As Identified by Sutherland criminology as the awareness towards criminality and determine that crime is a social phenomenon and merged law-making and the law-breaking processes in the framework of criminology. Under his perception criminology a body of tested theories and other information, reaction and the laws relevant to crimes (Kautt & Pease, 2013).

Coleman and Norris state that criminology is the measure of the motives, existence, and origin of crimes. It includes the composition and implementation laws related to crime. (Coleman & Norris, 2013).

Criminology: Scope And Nature

As indicated by Enrico Ferri majority of developed countries are introducing efficient security policies to protect the community’s interests from illegal conduction and conductors (Taylor et al., 2013).

Criminology assignment helps emphasize the scope and the nature of the criminology field.

To reduce the crime cases worldwide the criminologists aim to provide all states with a unified criminal justice system and adequate jail management, rehabilitation institutions, police and judiciary. The factors giving rise to criminality or influencing the criminal’s mind to break the law should be taken into account to order to properly control the causation of crime (Shute 2014).

Our criminal law assignment help covers criminal justice system policies probation and parole, punishments, open prison and reform organizations.

Sutherland tried to point out that a person when exposed to or comes in connection with other criminal characteristics adopts the same behavior. The theory is named as criminal sociology (Friedrichs, 2015). Cesare Lombroso said that the criminals are physically abnormal than a common man. As explained by Professor Jerman the psychological behavior of a criminal. His personality disorders arise from depressions, tensions, anxiety, and other mental differences that giving rise to criminal activity.

Two Basic Principles Determining Criminology (Rovira, 2015)

» Nulla Crimen Sine Lege

It tells that the state can not punish an individual with criminal activity except when the person has evil intent and the law prohibits to do so.

» Nulla Poena Sine Lege

Under this system, an individual may only be prosecuted by the judiciary. Only if the actions are illegal in the criminal justice system. The criminology theory is the analysis of legal, scientific, biological, social and psychological aspects combined.

The will theory proposed by Beccaria which tells that the criminal behavior of the individual is due to biological factors. He further concluded that these people are born offenders. They are generally inveterate criminals, and can’t walk with the society. Therefore should keep away. Out of their free will and intellect, these inveterate individuals turn to illegal acts (Taylor et al., 2013).

Lombroso and Tarde question this theory by claiming that no one is criminal by birth. We all are biological beings attempting to live in societies by adapting to the changing environment. The struggling to adapt oneself according to society or the conditions sometimes becomes difficult to thrive causing him to choose criminal activities as it is the option left for him (Thornberry, 2012).

Therefore, the environment in which a person lives plays a significant part in making him a criminal. Professor Sutherland stated that the development of industries has increased crime growth due to overpopulation, growing women’s jobs, the introduction of advanced machines and the decay of traditional families causing a failure to familial ties and parental controlling (John-Stevas, 2016).

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