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Computer Network Assignment Help


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We define computer networks as interlinked of a group of computer systems and hardware operating machines to process information. Usually, networks are acknowledged based on their features. You need to bring in your writing a lot of technical information. There is a lot of technical information that you need to bring in your writing to help you develop a comprehensive insight into the subject. In this case, you can opt for our computer network assignment help services to notch up striking grades.

Computer Network Processing

Computers are usually connected through electronic devices and cable lines which form a network. Major operations of computer networks are to transmit, classify, store, and update data. Our computer network assignment help experts emphasize on some major network functions.

  • Enable to connect utilizing Videotelephony, direct texting, emails, etc.
  • Only one hardware gadget i.e. scanner and printer can be connected with various users.
  • Facilitate in transmitting files over a network.
  • Through a remote computer system, it enables us to transmit programs or software.
  • Making it simpler for the users of the network to access and manage the data.

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Network Categories

Our specialist explains the main types of computer network system:

» Wide Area Network (WAN)

WAN can be described as a network of computers spread over a large area, provinces, or even countries as a whole. This is an extremely speedy network and requires a lot of money by users to have its services. Mostly used in digital telecommunication sectors.

WAN is utilized in business, educational sectors, and government systems. It connects wide networking and facilitates transferring information over large distances. Radio communication, Optical fiber, and an integrated telephone system constitute a WAN. The speed of this network increased at an exponential rate from 110 bits per second (in 1960) to 100 G/bits per second today.

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» Local Area Network (LAN)

LAN can be described as a system of networks spread over a small area controlled by a single administration. LAN is utilized in the home, school/universities/colleges, offices, etc.

LAN has its server with its software and storage systems which are shared between users. LAN has a central server of its storage capacity and applications that share services with other users. The users who can be connected under the LAN network can be two or in hundreds too. Wireless fidelity and Ethernet cable are the technologies that come under LAN. Simple LAN consists of 2 to 3 switches for accessing the internet. These switches are connected to the router or modem. Wireless LAN has market growth due to its low cost, flexibility, and efficiency. Complex LAN network is composed of several switches for a loop-free logical topology it uses an STP spanning tree protocol network for further transfer of information.

» The Net

Internet is the widely used global connection of computer systems utilizing fiber optic cables or wireless systems. This network is used for transmitting messages/information through TCP/IP.

This, an Internet area network is replacing the place with all the other network models rapidly. This network has a public web to which all the points are connected making it possible to transfer data without confined boundaries. It is built on a cloud computing environment. P2P and other high capacity networks have made outstanding progress in the last decade. To learn more refer to our networking assignment help experts.

» Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)

MAN network supplied to a larger area e.g. a city through a TV cable. It is used in different communication protocols like the Token ring local area network, Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI), and Ethernet. A MAN network occupied a bigger region as compared to LAN, but a smaller region as compare to WAN.MAN interconnects two LANs using Infrared laser transmitter, Radio laser transmitter, or Microwave. This network can stretch over 40 km while keeping its efficiency and speed the same. MAN is supported by the Distributed-Queue-Dual-Bus network with the LANs standard IEEE 802.6 providing a transmission speed of likely 155 Mbps.

» Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)

WLAN, as its name tells, is a wireless network of LAN. Infrared signals and radio are WLAN’s perfect examples. All the users under the influence of WLAN can be linked far and wide without being disconnected.

The standard IEEE 802.11 specifies WLAN features into ad hoc and infrastructure mode. Ad hoc mode operates in a peer to peer transmission of data. In infrastructure mode, there is a central base access point through which the data transmits. Current WLAN standard is 802.11 with speed per channel of 150 Mbps

» Campus Area Network (CAN)

CAN is a network that is linking a lot of smaller LAN networks. It enables file transmitting between many units easily, as the server machine normally shares all the files. CAN be expressed as a small MAN, but it is not as effective as LAN. The authority owns the media transmission and networking tools utilizing ATM, Ethernet, FDDI, and Token-ring for connecting. This network can stretch over 8-10 km^2 with the same efficiency but varies after this. This network is used at the places where a high-speed data connection is required e.g. offices, hospitals, and escalators, etc.

» Storage Area Network (SAN)

SAN is used as a database of information. It is not utilized by any department or organization. SAN network is used in those websites which provide downloading facilities. SAN is installed on three main components: Switches, Cables, and Host Bus Adaptors (HBAs). This network moves the storing resource off the shared network and rearranges them into a speedy, independent network. Each severe can have access to this storage. SAN is used for blocked level data storage and cannot provide an abstraction of files. For the transmission between disk drive services and servers SCSI protocol, ATA and Fiber channel is used.

» Personal Area Network (PAN)

The network provides the transmission of data among one or two devices and computers. This network stretch over only a few meters of area. The simplest form of PAN can be expressed as Laptop used an individual is connected with a printer which is also connected with a tablet of that individual by a wireless network.

Infrared data transfer and Bluetooth represents Personal area network. Wireless PANs are based on IEEE 802.15 standard.

» System Area Network (SAN)

SAN can be defined as devices connected in cluster orientation to form a high performance, high-speed network. Due to its configuration, it’s known as a cluster area network too. SAN has a low network latency, but the data transfer rate’s bandwidth of more than 1 Gbps. Hubs that support eight or more nodes used to switch a single SAN. This network is secure from errors and corrupted data transmission. SANs are efficient as they use the Direct Memory Access method for bulk transmission of information.

Computer Networking: Pros And Cons

Computer networking has now become the nature of computing methods making a world global village. Contrarily, it has some cons too including security threats, workplace disruptions, etc. Our computer network assignment help specialists will assist you in this.

» Expenditures

As identified by our computer network assignment help mentors cost is one of the network’s major drawbacks. Installing a network for business purposes requires dollars in thousands or more. Not that, even setting a simple network needs equipment such as routers and modems to cost a lot.

» Security Checks

Undesirable behaviors are encouraged by the government through Internet activity. Other than that, it also detects effectively to identify any type of unwanted behavior to the agencies of the government. For more detailed information opt computer network assignment help through The Assignments Help.

Information And Effective Communication

The Internet enables users to connect in such ways that were not possible before the advent of this vast technology. For instance, instant connecting allows the user to chat and to transfer files to a different part of the world within no time. This positive aspect benefiting users worldwide.

Sharing Of Resources

Before this technology, people used to transmit data by copying that to transferrable media or transporting it physically to other places. The Internet makes the sharing process faster and efficient. It enables users to share resources of both software and hardware through this user-friendly network which is efficient and accelerates teamwork. To understand better opt our computer network assignment help online.

Basic Networking Devices

Networking devices are basic network units that transmit data through the computer network system. The Computer network assignment help mentors focus on common networking devices used:

Network Hubs

Hub is the common connection that links the networks or servers together by a star topology. The hub composed of several ports to which network segments are connected. As the data arrives at the port it transfers it to all other connected ports. It serves as the central networking link and transmits data in frames. The port gets amplified when it receives the frame and broadcast it to the destination. Hubs can be classified into intelligent, switching, and passive hubs depending on their efficacy.

The Repeaters

It is a network device that regenerates the incoming single before retransmitting it to a higher power. In transmission systems, repeaters are used to amplify or re-constructed the attenuated analog or digital signals which have been distorted during transmission. To dispatch the same messages it may use many different protocols.

The Modems

The modem is used to convert a computer’s digital data i.e. 0s and 1s into an analog signal to transmit over cable, telephone lines. The term derives from “modulator-demodulator”. Consequently, it also modulates the received analog waves from telephone or cable wires into digital data to be processed by computers. The modem’s speed is measured in bytes per second. Modems are divided based on data transmitting over a time given.

Network Infrared Card (NIC)

A component of computer hardware that enables computers within the range to communicate with other networks. Using infrared adapters enables the computer to convey and accept data through the device’s rear or side ports. Its range is stretch over 5m, and transmitting speed is 4mbps.No barrier function can penetrate it. It is used in different handheld devices and laptops.

The Fiber Media Converters

Fiber media converters enable the two different devices or networks to communicate like twisted-pair network cabling with fiber optic cabling. Media converter is flexible in supporting different transmitting protocols like Ethernet, J1, DS3, T1, E3, and multi-fiber optics cables like coax, twisted, etc. You can attach either simple convertor (Duplex settings and speed are same) or switching convertor (Speed and Duplex differences). Metropolitan area networks also utilize it.

Network Switch

The basic switch operates as a hub. The pivot connection that communicates between two or more servers, but more efficiently. Packet switching principles receive, forward, and process information. Through multiple network segments network switch to process data at the OSI model data link layer (2 and 3).The most common type is Ethernet switches also present in Asynchronous Transfer Mode and Fiber channel.

It functions on the OSI model’s data link layer. It connects two of its ports at very high speeds and forms an integrated network from two segments. This enables various networks to transfer data simultaneously while staying separated.


The routers operate on the network control layer of the OSI model. Examine and transmit data packets over networks. For analyzing and forwarding data without errors routers use forwarding tables and headers. Routers use protocol ICMP for communication and do less data filtering. For large networks, different routers can be used e.g. a software router, edge router, bridge router, wireless router, and core router. 

The Firewall 

A firewall is defined as firmware blocks illegal accessing and allows external communication. It monitors every incoming and outgoing file in a computer network. The user can buy hardware firewalls as a stand-alone product, or supplied with the main gadget. Application gateway and packet filtering are the most efficient system security techniques. 

The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) 

DHCP provides other devices the IP address and other networking information automatically. It lessens the need for administering a network manually. DHCP minimizes the configuration errors which is mainly because of the manual configuration of IP address. The network administration gets simplified by it because the track of IP addresses is kept and manages by the software. 

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