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Clinical Reasoning Cycle


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Clinical Reasoning Cycle: Significance

Clinical reasoning encompasses all cognitive processes practiced by all the therapists to evaluate information from the patient or clinical case. This practice helps them to diagnose the patient and recommends suitable cure actions.

The Clinical reasoning process reports whether a patient will heal or become deteriorated. Any flaw in clinical reasoning practices can put patient’s health into risk.

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Clinical Reasoning Cycle By Tracy Levett-Jones

Tracy Levett-Jones (2009) stated that the Clinical Reasoning Cycle is an analysis in which nurses assemble cues, sort-out data, recognize the patient’s health issues, suggest approaches for mediation, explore results and learn from the surveys. To build expertness in clinical reasoning, a nurse should be proficient to assemble the correct clues and act correspondingly right to cure that specific patient at the right time.

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Clinical Reasoning Cycle: Eight stages

  1. In the first stage, the nurses/health consultants analyze new patient data and state of health.
  2. The professionals consider the patient’s previous medical history carefully in this stage of the Clinical Reasoning process.
  3. At this point in the nurses thoroughly examine and observe the past medical history of the patient. They also take into account all the possible consequences for the actions they take.
  4. Once the professionals analyze the patient’s condition, they can be able to determine the patient’s current state.
  5. The practitioners concerning the condition of the patient come up with the treatment structure to be followed. They evaluate the steps they are going to take, and how swiftly they can get the desired result.
  6. After the goals have been set, the specialists intervene to accomplish the patient’s medication goals. The goals of medication are informed to every healthcare practitioner.
  7. This s an examination stage conducted by nurses and health care professionals to realize the efficiency of course of action.
  8. The practitioners in the final stage of the Clinical Reasoning Method focus on the experiences from case studies and improve their abilities.

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