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Biotechnology Assignment Help


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What Is Biotechnology?

Biotechnology is a scientific application that makes use of living organisms to develop consumable products. The subjects blended in it include microbiology, science, chemical engineering, and informatics.

Biotechnology: History

Bio-technology was unintentionally used by humans to transform plants and sources of food. Earlier farmers used crops that would withstand insect attacks, and contribute to the maximum yield. Later they found organisms that trap nitrogen to maximize growth. Fermentation was then introduced, which was used in bread leavening and brewing processes. Another use of biotechnology was on animals. People had done selective breeding for an extended period. Charles Darwin, later in the 19th century, discovered an idea of the evolution of natural species and described it as a “Theory of evolution.” The third application of biotechnology was adopted in medication. In industry, Chaim Weizmann used biotechnology in 1917 to produce Propanone that was used to manufacture bombs. Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillium in 1928, which helped in antibiotic production.

Many innovations can be seen in genetics, bio robotics, and bioinformatics in recent years. Today scientists can adapt an organism’s genetic composition by presenting a new DNA. This is possible by the advent of genetically modified organisms (GMO), which have a modified genetic structure. In 1973, GMOs were introduced. The GMO mice were discovered in 1974, and genetically engineered food was produced by 1994 on a commercial level.

Biotechnology: Major Areas

Our biotechnology assignment help encompasses the following areas:

» Bio-Informatics

To analyze and proceed with vital information, biotechnology uses mathematics, computer science, and other subject areas. It is extensively applied in genetic mapping and many gene-related processes.

» Bio-Robotics

Bio-robotics is a sub-discipline of biotechnology that is used in examining and building robots that can imitate biological operations.

» Bio-Engineering

Bio-engineering utilizes biological science to generate numerous products that are environmentally friendly and biologically helpful in agriculture, medicine, and chemical products.

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» Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering incorporates chemistry and engineering for the manufacturing industry. Its subfields include Nano-technology, Bio-engineering, and Fuel-cells.

Biotechnology: Applications

Biotechnology has not only fragmented into several sub-fields but has also expanded its scope in many other fields. In our biotechnology assignment help, we predominantly address three research areas.

« Pharmacy

With the help of biological information, pharmaceutical industries are continually producing new medicines. Pharmacogenomics is a combination of genetics and pharmacology, and it explains the reactions of drugs on a human body. Biotechnology enables research on diseases such as AIDS and cancer. Our biotechnology assignment writer’s overview of different companies that utilize biotechnological approaches to produce pharmaceutical items.

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» Agriculture

Biotechnology is used in many different sectors of agriculture. These are utilized for the production of genetically modified organisms (GMO), bio-fuels, and bio-remediation, and pharmaceutical drugs. Many productive GMOs have been manufactured in the last years. Government systems around the world, are not yet sure about utilizing GMO’s and these regulations differ in different countries. Our biotechnology assignment help experts have covered genetic engineering that deals with genetically engineered fish, crops, etc.

» Industry

In industries, biotechnology is applied in producing new food items, chemicals, bio-fuels, and detergents, etc. Biotechnology can thus help in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere.

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